Trusted Partners

Custom Glass Design Modern Architecture At Big Studio we work with superior partners on all of our projects

Our partners have been reliable and produced a consistently high standard of work for the many years we have been operating.

Our design team works closely with our partner companies to ensure a smooth production for our clients.

A common example of joint work is incorporating our stained glass windows into a building. The glass work is provided by us and the installation is carried out by one of our partners. Have a look at our FAQ’s for more information.

If you are looking for other manufacturing and construction or engineering services please have a look at our recommendations below.

EOS Rooflights

EOS Rooflights are the leading rooflight suppliers in the UK. They specialise in rooflights for flat roof surfaces and carry a wide range of options including both double and triple glazing. EOS Rooflights offer energy efficient skylights in modern designs. Buy online here or call them on 0203 553 6437.

Stuart Pease Fibreglass GRP Mouldings

Stuart Pease supply all of our bespoke fibreglass components. For over 30 years they have been designing and manufacturing glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products for clients in the UK and worldwide. Stuart Pease provide both design and development services as well as maintenance and repair. Call them on 01709 527761.

Hutchinson Engineering

For larger projects, Hutchinson Engineering based in Bristol is an established metal folding and fabrication company. With the latest in laser cutting technology, they can design and manufacture the highest quality metal components available. They have a solid reputation within the metal manufacture industry. Call them on 0117 322 6012.

Turntech Precision Engineering

Turntech specialise in glasswork engineering. They can design and construct buildings with intricate glasswork creating stunning results. With access to all the latest machinery they can complete projects faster than their competitors. They are highly recommended in the construction business.

Acorn Fasteners Manufacturing

This company is expert in the custom manufacture of metal products. They have extensive experience with welding and finishing bespoke products. They can incorporate any glass designs into their work with skill and precision. Always a pleasure to work with the team.

Do you have any business recommendations for us? Let us know who your preferred partners are.

For more information about Glass Work and Manufacturing click here.