Top Areas for your Property Investment

What are the best locations to invest in property in the UK?

What are the best places to invest in property?

The UK housing market is becoming an increasingly popular industry due to strong demand for housing and the constant sharp rise in property value. Anyone can become a property developer but it’s increasingly difficult to tell what areas would see you maximise your profits.

“The UK’s demand for housing is incredible and it has the second highest amount of real estate investors out of all European countries.”

Areas around London are becoming popular destinations for property developers to invest in. Check out potential financial options too that will set you on your way for investing in three prime locations we’ve outlined in this guide.


Slough is a business heavyweight outside of London. They’re home to major business such as Unilever and Honda. Property developers have begun investing in Slough because of the current overspill of London residents who are being out priced.

The construction of the Crossrail is to be completed this year too, which will offer potential commuters slashed commute times into central London. Slough will become a major area to invest in outside of London once the Crossrail is officially opened.


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced in January 2018 that he had approved the massive rejuvenation project that the area is going to undertake. This includes substantial investment in redeveloping properties and most importantly, a new Westfield shopping centre.

“Since opening a Westfield in White City, property values in the area have increased by over 47%.”

Croydon represents a major investment opportunity because of the plans the city has for the next several years. We’re confident that Croydon will become a highly attractive area for property developers and their investments.

St. Albans

The average property value in St. Albans has increased by over 20% in the last decade. St. Albans is located just outside of London and has very good train connections too.

An increasingly high demand in the area and for Londoners to move out too has seen housing prices increase steadily.

“St. Albans offers the countryside lifestyle that appeals to many, but is well-connected for travelling to London via car or train.”

e strongly recommend you research whatever area you plan on investing in. There are numerous factors first-time property developers need to be wary off and research is always key.