Plan your conservatory

Conservatories are probably one of the most dramatic and cost effective improvements you can make to your home.

Not only do they add flexible living space but, if well planned and executed, will increase the value of your property. The modern day conservatory provides the ideal place to work, play, dine or simply relax and entertain and will instantly become an indispensable part of your home. Get in touch with Big Studio for more.

Local authority regulations

However, before you rush out and purchase that dream garden room, you will need to consider some important issues such as planning and building regulations, location, design and temperature control.  See more information.

The best conservatories are those that can be used all year round. To ensure that you do not find yourself overheating in summer and freezing in winter, make sure you opt for a good heating and ventilation system.

Space Light and flexible living

Conservatories are all about space, light and flexible living.

Everyone’s use of conservatories is slightly different. Make sure you consider all the available style, size, type and glazing options. These rooms are not just about roofs, frames and glass; you have to make sure the building is being constructed correctly.

Footings need to be excavated deeply enough and good strip foundations need to be poured. Click here.

Vegetation soil should always remove from the base area; good scalping hardcore must be laid and compressed with a wacker plate so that when the insulated concrete floor is laid it does not subside. Dwarf walls must be tied into the house and the correct damp proof course must be placed in the right place.

Roof ventilation

Fitting roof vents provides good ventilation. They can be operated manually or by remote control depending on the chosen system. You may need to get in touch with a roofing specialist to find out more about roofing ventilation and which type of ‘roof’ is best suited for your conservatory.

The best roofer in the Essex area is certainly Saffron Walden Roofing Contractors. This team has years of experience in the industry and are able to assist you with any questions or issues you have with your roof. You can get in touch by visiting their website or calling 01799 218806.

South facing conservatories

If your conservatory is south facing, it will benefit from a solar reflecting roof that has a good ventilation system.

North facing conservatories

North facing conservatories have the opposite problem and you should choose glazing with the highest insulating factor you can afford.

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