Automatic Doors: The Different Types

Automatic doors are suitable for a range of buildings

Automatic doors are the perfect solution for areas that experience high foot traffic on a daily basis. Hospitals, shops, offices and care homes use automatic doors as they also create Access solutions.

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Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are often used for two-way foot traffic and are commonly used in supermarkets and shops.

An automatic sliding door will usually have a sliding door panel, carrier wheels, operator header, jambs, track, lock, and activation system. See: Top 10 Benefits.

Available in: telescopic slide, bi-part slide and single slide configurations.

Swinging Doors

These types of doors are usually used for directional purposes and are suitable for narrow passages to get in or out.

These can be installed as an overhead or can be mounted on the surface for push and pull purposes. Designed for single, pair or double doorway uses.

If you have opted for the full package, the system will include an operator, lock, header, jambs, door panel, finger protection, guide rails and a safety system.

If you are using an existing door, a drive arm, header will be provided along with a suitable security system.

Automatic Folding Doors

Folding doors are typically used when spacing is an issue. These can be supplied in either bi-fold or single fold arrangements and foot traffic will be able to walk in either direction.

Folding doors will be provided as a whole package and you will receive door panels, header, operator, guide rails, safety system, lock and pivot hardware.

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